Diabetics Cannot Eat Sweets Like Cake and Cookies

Myths About Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those conditions that just about everyone has heard of, but most people know very little about. Many people believe all sorts of myths about diabetes, which can make diagnosing and controlling the condition difficult.

Myth 1: You'll Know If You Develop Diabetes Because You'll Feel Different

Actually many people live with pre-diabetes or diabetes for a long time without developing obvious symptoms that might prompt them to consult a doctor.

For instance, it’s a commonly held belief that all diabetics lose weight as the condition takes hold — but I know from personal experience that this is not always the case.

Some symptoms that undiagnosed diabetics frequently miss as pointers include extreme tiredness, which might be falsely attributed to a busy life or stress, slow healing cuts and wounds, and regular yeast infections. Some people develop blurred vision or tingling or numb feet or toes — all of these signs could be down to higher than average blood glucose levels.

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