8 Myths About Diabetes Busted


Diabetics Cannot Eat Sweets Like Cake and Cookies

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Myth 2: Diabetics Cannot Eat Sweets Like Cake and Cookies

One of the biggest rip-offs on the shelves of grocery stores, health food shops and drug stores is special food for diabetics.

Nutritionists who specialize in advising diabetic patients will tell you that absolutely no food is off-limits, as long as sensible decisions are taken about how much and how often “naughty” foods are consumed.

So a piece of cake or a glass of wine on your birthday, at a party or as an occasional treat is fine, but a daily cup of sugary tea with a side order of cookies is not.

There really is no need for so-called diabetic jams, jellies and preserves. It’s fine to eat homemade or “normal” store-bought jams as long as you don’t smear everything with a thick layer of it. The same applies to chocolate and cookies — everything in moderation.

It is wise to substitute sugar for sweeteners, especially if you enjoy sodas, or other sweet beverages, but beware of consuming too many sugar substitutes in one day as you may end up with an upset stomach.

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