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Follow up With a Blood Sugar Check

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8. Follow up With a Blood Sugar Check

You probably won’t feel like checking up on your blood sugar in the middle of the main course, and that’s fine. Just remember to take a look within two hours after you’ve finished your meal. Is it in your target range?

If so, that’s good news — there’s no need to worry about ordering the same things the next time you visit that restaurant. If the result isn’t so great, make a note of what you ate, and how much you ate, so you can avoid making the same mistake again.

You should be able to enjoy dining out, even if you have to pay closer attention to your meal than everyone else at the table. A couple of indulgent bites, a taste of a dessert, even a glass of nice wine (if your blood sugar can handle it) isn’t out of the question.

But whatever you do, don’t “save up” calories and carbs by eating less throughout the day leading up to the big event — a regular eating schedule will help you keep a healthy blood sugar level, and that’s what matters most.