Diabetes Diet: Foods to Avoid

Things like fried fish, candy, and too much alcohol are poor choices for anyone, but diabetics have a longer list of foods to avoid than the average person – and some of those foods may not be so obvious.

In order to sidestep serious complications, people with insulin resistance and blood sugar problems need to craft a menu with the right amount of carbohydrates, the right type of carbohydrates, and a careful balance of the other nutrients necessary for good health. Straying too far from your diabetic diet plan can burden you with more than a few unwanted pounds, so be sure to keep these foods far away from your kitchen table.

1. Flavored Water

The veil has been lifted on vitamin water: with more calories and sugars than some juices or sodas, it’s about as far away from pure and healthy water as you can get. Even though the label might advertise a relatively low amount of carbs and calories, keep in mind that the values are for one serving, and there are typically at least two servings in a bottle. Sports drinks are off-limits for the same reasons, as are most other energy drinks. Luckily, you can spruce up plain old water with fruits and herbs that add fresh and interesting flavor without the huge portion of carbohydrates.

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