10 Common Myths About Diabetes


Develop Type 2 Diabetes

Photo Credit: Michał Ludwiczak / istockphoto.com

2. Only Overweight People Develop Type 2 Diabetes

It’s no secret that weight is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, but that doesn’t mean all overweight people will develop the disease, or that all diabetics are overweight. Family history and ethnicity are other important risk factors, so those who are genetically vulnerable and overweight certainly have a higher chance of developing the disease.

However, most overweight people won’t become diabetics, and there are many type 2 diabetics – up to 15% – who are at a normal weight. These are usually people who are genetically predisposed and have poor exercise and uneven dieting habits, factors that can lead to the accumulation “invisible” fat around the abdominal organs and set the stage for insulin resistance.

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